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Do you really believe that the bank is the only place where you can safely accumulate money?

The Power of Tax Deferral

Annuity ownership for some of your "safe money assets" offers you a powerful financial advantage over other forms of savings and investment vehicles such as Certificates of Deposit (CD’s), savings accounts, money market and mutual funds and individual investments. The advantage is:

The advantage of triple-compoundingTriple Compounding

If some of your savings are placed in an annuity, the benefit of tax deferral provides for:

  • Interest on your principal
  • Interest on your interest and
  • Interest on your tax savings…because your interest is free from current income tax in an annuity, it can all continue to compound instead of being withdrawn for tax payments.

Worth Your Consideration

  • Take a look at how tax deferral and triple compounding will work for you with some of your safe money assets.
  • Take a close look at annuity ownership. Your money is safe, earning higher rates of interest, free from current income taxation, accessible and avoids probate.
  • Taxation of your Social Security Income may be reduced or eliminated.
  • When and if required, a variety of income options are available to you…income that cannot be outlived.
  • There is no cost or obligation to learn more about the benefits and advantages of an annuity as part of your total financial plan.

View comparisons of triple compounding and taxable equivalent yields by clicking on the links.

This document is for general information only, it is not a representation of legal or tax opinion nor should it be considered legal or tax advice. For full details on this information you should contact your own legal or tax counsel.

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